Gary James Bond was born in February 7, 1940. He was raised in the Village of Liss,Hampshire. He is the eldest son of his parents. He was born in the family of armies as his father and uncles are part of the army even during in the war. This prompted his family to push him follow the same career path however, Gary Bond had another envision of his career and he succeeded and has lived on his dream.

He started his education in Churcher’s Colleges in Petersfield, he enrolled in the dramatic arts. His father who is a military personnel opposed his chosen career, with the unfortunate things that took place in 1956 his father died and at the age of 16 he continued his chosen path without any hindrance. After his stint in Churcher’s he went to Johannesburg in South Africa for a year. Luckily he won a scholarship at Central School of Speech and Drama in United Kingdom, London. His passion for his acting allowed him to be rewarded with many accolades.

His awaited professional debut came as a stage actor. He was first hired working for the a company in Connaught Theatre in Worthing. He had a lead role in the  ‘Not By the Book’ act and ‘Doctor in the House’ . After his stay he became on to reach the main stream media.

In 1963, this year could mark as one of the most important years for Gary Bond. This year was his first television debut. That year he became part of the film ‘War and Peace’ as Nicolai Rostrov. After this film he became part also of the good movie ‘Zulu’ which was taken in South Africa (which he had a short stay for his education) in this movie  he was able to share stage with the likes of Stanley Baker and Michael Caine.

After the shoot of Zulu movie, he was able to join his West End debut with the play “Chips with Everything”. He played the role of Pip Thompson who was a soldier born as a rich man but would rather live with high legacy on ranks and file. This play became a Broadway in 1963. He was not shy under the brighter lights unlike others who are typically shy. He continued to shine in places with many plays typically in the US and UK.

His role in the Wake in Fright which embodies an Australian story made him a talk for short moment. With his handsome looking plus blonde style they thought he would be a Peter O’toole the 2nd however that did not materialize in the big stage.

In the 1980s age caught Gary Bond. Though he already made a story of himself in the artistic approach. He inclined himself in the radio industry. He was also good in singing and his skills in portaying and playing monodrama in the radio industry.

His walk of fame came and his latter works made him the showcase both his talent as a good actor and a singer.