Learning some information and facts about England

As we are having this website for the legendary Gary Bond, let us also take a time to know about his home country England. England has many wonderful places that we can explore and introduce or the culture that is rich.in this country is where The Beatles and Shakespeare were born. This great country is border to Wales and Scotland. Its capital is London where the River Thames is located. It is the home of Big Ben, Parliament and the Tower of London built in the 11th century.

It is a place where you can enjoy a modern hub of various arts and also businesses. It is now a multicultural city that gives life to it. This country has more cities including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol. It includes the main universities of Cambridge and Oxford. You can find also many points of interest that you can travel to eat very great foods over this catering company 台北外燴推薦. If you want an organized and hassle free travel you can avail of scheduled tour that have been already organized by travel and tours companies.

There is Stonehenge, Windsor Castle or Yorkshire Dales. You can try the Roman Baths to relax you mind and remove stress from your body. You do not need to bring your business equipment. As you have many cities to choose to travel you will be full of excitement and fun. You will be able to know about the god and great nation where many famous people were born.