The 7 Famous British Actors Still Active Today

Those who are not British and do not speak British accent are sometimes drawn by how British people talk. That is why many also want to watch British movies and try to imitate how they talk. There is something unique that makes British actors and actress famous and be idolized by people. Many entertainers have joined the movie industry and they became well known for their acts and movies they have been casted. Today let us see some of the British actors who are still active in their career.

Let us start with Jude Law who has hardship starting in the career of performing in the films. He performs in small screen and stage before trying films. He did not start good easily but some roles have landed him recognition. Next is Ralph Fiennesbrii who is well known for his role as a villain. He had roles in Harry Potter and about Nazi Concentration Camp. Michael Caine is the third actor in the list followed by Anthony Hopkins, Colin Firth, Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Daniel Day-Lewis has gained three Oscars for his leading roles. He has more award from Oscar that any other in terms of leading roles. He is very detailed and organized in his work that he wants to deliver good quality of acting embodying his role as very realistic. He makes efforts to make his craft perfect. Are you looking for a great marketing strategy? Online marketing is the one that I recommend to you, see this useful reference You can visit homepage of the website link to know more about this marketing strategy.