The Diversity of Music

Are you are music lover? You may seem quiet and relaxed but you are probably busy because music is rocking on your head. Do you love singing or do you just like listening to music? What kind of music you like the most? Is it a pop song, classic song, folk song, R&B, country song? Like language, food, culture, clothes that are diverse, music too is diverse. There is diversity in music. There is no limit! It changes year after year. Every nation has its own art of music.

And every musician has his own style of music too. Musicians have their own style, techniques and expression. They have their own imagination and creativity. They have their own art in music. They put these differences in music that is why it differs from one another. Diversity in music sometimes depends on the quality of technologies they use, environmental factor a musician has, experience in life, lifestyle and so on. You know, music has a bright future. It continuously adapts different melodies and rhythm. Everyone influences each other.

Everyone adapt each other.  A group of youths may like pop songs. A group of old folks may like folk songs and classic songs. A group of middle aged people may like R&B songs. On top of that, music has the power to ignite everyone regardless of cultures, races, colors, nationalities and nations. It brings harmony, unity and hope to everyone. It motivates people who are in anxieties of life, depressions, severe hardships, unbearable difficulties and wearisome life.